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HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 | 15 Bendigo Bank Bairnsdale Cnr. Nicholson & Bailey St, Bairnsdale Phone: 5152 6449 Bendigo Bank Paynesville 61 The Esplanade, Paynesville Phone: 5156 6655 M510984 Here are some of the interior trends we can expect to see more of in 2020. Soothing tones inspired by nature: Earth tones will remain big news, as will orange, pink and various shades of blue and green. Ripe olive green is a super chic option for any space in your home. Keep the look modern by introducing accent colours, try mustard, rust, pink and lilac. Connection to nature: Natural materials and organic forms remain on trend. Use rattan, linen, jute, timber, tassles and fringes to give your space a personal touch. Large scale art and wall murals: This will make its way into our homes via wallpaper, decals and large scale artworks. Try hanging a wall chart or tapestry. Inside plants: Too many plants are never enough. New ‘it’ plants to look at include cacti, olive trees, longleaf figs and the cast iron plant. Not a green thumb? Artificial varieties have come a long way – fake it! Outdoor rooms: Extend your home and get more room to move. If you don’t have the budget, some outdoor cushions or a small bistro table and chairs on the verandah can do the trick. Add some fairy lights for an on- trend boho touch. Keep it playful: Embrace pops of colour, artwork referencing pop cul- ture and playful design décor. Keep it cool and comfortable: Bring on anything you need to get cosy, try oversized sofas, cushions, throws and ottomans. Minimal but personal: This looks like the pared-back minimalist room, accessorised with décor items that are meaningful for us. Boho chic with an eclectic feel: Make your home a place that is per- sonal and comfortable, without sacrificing style. While it’s natural to use trends as a starting point to developing a style, creating your own look is essential to creating a home that is authentic to you. Everything in this picture was sourced fromWebsters furniture in Bairnsdale, and selected and styled by Tania Goranitis, of Interior Philosophy, for a local client.