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22 | HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 M511072 % " ' # # " '' %" ' !' # $( & ""' # " '' ! ! ! " ! M511023 Got asbestos? Leave it up to Steve Steve McCarthy, from SSM As- bestos Removal, is an expert in his field. He has more than two decades of experience in removing the fibrosis product and completing demolition projects. Based in Gippsland for almost 10 years, Steve hails from Manchester in theUnitedKingdom(UK) and has a wealth of experience in asbestos removal. He has held a variety of positions such as site supervisor and contracts manager for a large construction and demolition company in the UK. Prior to emigrating, Steve was em- ployed as a senior supervisor for an asbestos and thermal insulation company. He set up his own company upon moving to Australia, concentrating on non-friable asbestos (class B work) as the majority of work in the East Gippsland area. In 2016, Steve broadened the com- pany’s focus by successfully complet- ing his class A licence, allowing him to better utilise his extensive skills nurtured in the UK. Steve says the techniques used for asbestos removal in the UK are still farmore advanced than inAustralia, however he ensures all his projects are completed to the highest standards. With a strong emphasis on health and safety, he wears full body pro- tection onsite with most of the gear disposed of on completion. SSM Asbestos is fully licensed by the Environment Protection Au- thority to collect, transport and dis- pose of waste. It is also fully insured and certified. Steve says many people think as- bestos removal is expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars, but in reality the average house job is priced somewhere between four to five thousand dollars to remove the external walls. If people are unsure if they have asbestos, SSM Asbestos will come and have a look and provide a free quotation. If Steve is unable to determine if cladding is asbestos or not he will send it to be tested in Moe for around $60. “It only takes a couple of days to re- ceive an answer,” he said. Whilemost homes inVictoria built post-1985 should not contain as- bestos, Steve says some still do as the product continued to be sold after that period. It wasn’t until 2003 that asbestos was banned throughout Australia. He says people shouldn’t panic if they have asbestos in their home, but they should definitely not grind, sand or drill it. “High pressurewashing of asbestos is also not allowed under the Work- Safe regulation and could result in a costly fine,” he said. SSMAsbestos works across Gipps- land and Victoria wide. Steve stresses that if anyone has asbestos that’s in a bad condition, making a phone call to his company would be a smart decision, even if only to seek advice. Steve McCarthy and the team at SSM Asbestos Removal are experts in their field.