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36 | HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 305 Main St, Bairnsdale 3875 M: 0458 564 141 Ph: 5152 2442 www.EGBS.com.au Building services for: A Locally Owned & Operated Family Business BUILDING PERMITS.. IT’S WHAT WE DO • Residential. • Commercial. • Industrial M511078 ! ! # ! " % " & ! ! ! ! # $$$ ! # S.S.M Asbestos Removal M510955 A building surveyor from East Gippsland Building Surveyors is an essential part of the domestic building process, providing independent oversight of construction work. On completion of an inspection, the qualified surveyors ensure build- ings are safe to use, accessible, energy efficient and built in compliance with the building permit, the issuing of which is a key role for a building surveyor. In Victoria, building surveyors must be registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) surveyors. They are professionals trained in understanding the building control process and are authorised to assess building drawings, specifications, computations and reports with a view to ensuring they comply with the Building Act 1993 , Building Regulations 2018, and the National Construction Code. Once appointed by the owner, or a person the owner has authorised to make the appointment for them, the building surveyor should remain in- volved for the duration of the building project. Legislation introduced in 2016 prevents the builder from appointing a private building surveyor to a project. Importantly, only one building surveyor can be appointed to a building project. The appointed building surveyor will be known as the ‘relevant building surveyor’ for your project. This applies even if you have not signed a contract. Building surveyors carry out inspections, or have a building inspector carry out inspections on their behalf, to inspect required stages of the project. Once building work is complete, the building surveyor is responsible for issuing the occupancy permit or certificate of final completion, allowing the building or part of the building to be used and/or occupied. In brief, the role of the building surveyors at East Gippsland Building Surveyors is to: * Assess building permit applications for compliance with the Building Act 1993 , Building Regulations 2018 and National Construction Code. * Issue building and occupancy permits, and certificates of final completion. * Conduct building inspections at the required stages. * Serve a direction to fix non-compliant building work. * Serve building notices and orders under the Building Act 1993 . NO MORE THAN ONE Many Victorians building new homes or undertaking major renovations are unaware they have inadvertently committed an offence by appointing multiple building surveyors to work on the same project. VBA director, Murray Smith, says it is an offence to appoint more than one building surveyor per job. “We notice more instances of multiple building surveyors being ap- pointed by homeowners for the same piece of work,” Mr Smith said. The surveyor may start work unaware another building surveyor has al- ready been appointed as the relevant building surveyor for that project, or has already started the same building permit process. This constitutes an offence by the owner appointing the second building surveyor. Once an owner has appointed a building surveyor, the building surveyor must notify their local council. If a homeowner wishes to change building surveyors, they must obtain written consent from the VBA. Pearl Findlay-James and Malcolm Findlay, of East Gippsland Building Surveyors, play a vital role in the building process.