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HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 | 39 M511080 INDUSTRIAL | COMMERC IAL | DOMEST I C CALL ELLIOTT: 0428 516 185 E: admin@yeateselectrical.com.au | 15 Kyle Street, Bairnsdale 3875 ABN: 48 624 619 790 REC: 19939 Elliott Yeates established Yeates Electrical just 12 months ago after starting his apprenticeship in Bairnsdale 10 years ago with well- known local electrician, Phillip Lind. Elliott completed his apprentice- ship with Mr Lind before spend- ing five years working around Australia on heavy industrial sites and offshore construction vessels. After a number of years working away, he returned to Bairnsdale and again joined Phillip Lind Elec- trical. Elliott has ventured into his own business, currently employing one “A” grade electrician and an apprentice. With a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic experi- ence, the Yeates Electrical team covers Yarram to Cann River working for established clients and new start businesses. The local electrical company also supplies insurance compliance work with thermal imagery equip- ment reading switchboards and electrical hot spots. Elliott Yeates (right) heads up Yeates Electrical alongside, Jack Boehm and Andrew South.