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HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 | 41 TEAMING UP TO TRULY SERVICE GIPPSLAND! DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL SCOTT GRAMBAU | 0498 279 988 E: SCOTT@MYPESTDOCTOR.COM DAVID ROSS | 1300 077 433 E: ENQUIRE@SPIDERSPRAYERS.COM.AU SPIDERS | MOZZIES | TERMITES | FLEAS | RODENTS | COCKROACHES Bringing Common Sense Pest Control Solutions! M511045 The Pest Doctor and Spider Sprayers have teamed up to offer complete solutions to your pest problems. Your local qualified pest controllers will keep your home, garage and workplace safe and sound. With more than 14 years’ combined pest con- trol experience as a pest management team, they have gained deep insight to the pests that inhabit and breed in Gippsland. “Don’t be one dimensional when it comes to pest control, use a common sense approach,” Scott Grambau, of My Pest Doctor, said. “We understand that each home and business is unique in their pest control requirements.” They offer pest control maintenance packages that are specifically customised to your residen- tial and business concerns for cost saving, pest control solutions, providing pest control treat- ments for a variety of pests that inhabit your residence and property. They take care of all the creepy crawlies - spi- ders, flies, mozzies, fleas, rodents and termites, as well as providing a comprehensive commer- cial pest management services. “We use eco friendly technologies and prod- ucts that help control pests in the Gippsland area,” David Ross, of Spider Sprayers, said. “A good example is the Termatrac, a proven utility tool for us to detect, confirm and track the presence of termites. “It means less chemicals, more confidence and peace of mind in the results and better customer service.” When you call The Pest Doctor or Spider Sprayers for information or to schedule an appointment, you speak directly to a trained specialist. Technicians are licensed, trained and qualified. To better assist a client’s pest control needs, pest technicians are assigned to specific regions to assure fast and efficient service across Gippsland. Focussed to meet all of your pest control needs in or around your home or at your business es- tablishment, the technicians perform in a pro- fessional and courteous manner - they treat customers like family and care about their pets. “We understand businesses and work in with you when it comes to treatment,” Scott said. The Pest Doctor and Spider Sprayers are happy to provide an obligation free quote, while an- swering any further questions you may have on the procedure. Spiders, flies, mosquitoes, you don’t have to live with them, so give Pest Doctor and Spider Sprayers a call. Scott Grambau, of My Pest Doctor, and David Ross, of Spider Sprayers, are teaming up to tackle all your household pests.