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HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 | 19 Bairnsdale Heating & Energy 477Main Street,Bairnsdale | Ph: 5153 2552 www.heatingandenergy.com.au Whole home heating Cheapest install costs Cheapest maintenance costs Cheapest running costs Wood heater and air transfer systems Healthiest way to heat. M510940 Want to pay less for your home heating but not sacrifice quality and comfort? Wood heating is the healthiest and one of the most environmentally friendly and cheapest ways to heat your home. “It’s up to half the cost of electricity and gas,” owner of Bairnsdale Heat- ing and Energy, Craig Smith, said. In the past it was difficult to heat a whole house with a wood heater - you had to make it like a furnace in the room with the heater to get the benefit at the other end of the house. That’s where an air transfer systemcomes into its own. By sizing your wood heater to your house and installing an air transfer system you can heat your whole house to a sim- ilar comfortable level throughout. Infrastructure costs for this type of home heating are far cheaper than ducted air conditioning or gas heat- ing, and maintenance and running costs are low. Craig will often get a phone call the day after fitting a system to be told by the customer they can’t believe the difference it makes to their home and they should have fitted one years ago. Wood heating provides fresh, warmair in your house - no recycled stale air through a ducted system. Anyonewho has had awood heater will attest to the superior comfort of wood heat over gas or electric heat- ing. It warms from the floor to the ceiling. Craig takes pride in sourcing qual- ity products to give customers a unique and stylish range, showcas- ing Australia’s leading brands includ- ing Jindara, Eureka and Firefox. “We are a family business operating in Bairnsdale for the past 14 years. Our focus is on the best customer service we can provide and quality products,” Craig said. “Helping me achieve this is my daughter, Charlie, who fronts the shop. She has been helping me fix heaters since she was seven years old. Her partner, Caleb, takes care of servicing and installations, and Alex helps Caleb and myself. Wendy cov- ers everything admin, overseeing all.” A family business operating in Bairnsdale for the past 14 years, Bairnsdale Heating and Energy is focused on providing the best customer service and quality products. PICTURED: Owner, Craig Smith, with his daughter, Charlie.