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18 | HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 WHAT ’ S YOUR Colour Vibe? C O A S T A L B Y R O N B AY C A B I N I N T H E W O O D S M E L B O U R N E C I T Y S L I C K I N G A U S T R A L I A N O U T B A C K A D V E N T U R E M511077 M510997 DB-L 41520 Best for people and planet Tania Goranitis knows better than most that too much stuff in homes easily causes people to feel stuck, overwhelmed and un- happy; because it was her story just five years ago. As a stay at home mum, she was seeking a new way of living that would reduce costs, reduce stress and make running her household easier. Experimenting with the idea of ‘less is more’ her family removed more than 10 trailer loads and 20 garbage bags of items from their home in 2014. Tania said they breathed a sigh of relief and never looked back. Five years on, and Tania’s become the local expert in home de-cluttering, organising and styling, having supported women in countless households across East Gippsland to curate and create the best versions of their homes too. Now a member of the Institute of Professional Organisers, Tania assists private, National Disability Insurance Scheme and My Aged Care clients across a wide spectrum of needs; from mild situational disorganisation to hoarding disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, having gained her mental health first aid accreditation. It was through her role as a professional organiser that Tania developed her passion for keeping unwanted items in communities and out of land- fill, a focus that led her to create Women Against Waste events in 2017. What started as a modest clothes swap in Bairnsdale has grown into a biannual event with six locations in Victoria this Spring, and plans to help interstate communities in 2020. Women Against Waste delivers five key pillars at each event; swap, do- nate, recycle, mend and learn. All are intended to help make it easier for women to reduce waste, save money, and learn how to make better daily decisions with the planet in mind. Tania Goranitis is an expert in home de-cluttering, as evidenced by the before and after shot of this wardrobe space.