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32 | HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 The question homebuilders get wrong Never ask a builder ‘How much is your price?’ Instead always ask ‘What will I get for my money?” As a new homeowner you want to know you will get exactly what you want, nothing you don’t want, and to make absolutely sure it’s right on budget. “At Key Homes you won’t get any fake, low- ball estimates or outlandish, way out of budget fantasy quotes,” Key Homes owner and third generation builder, Anthony Key, said. “What you will get is real value for money and the quality you deserve when placing your trust with us as your builder.” Quality service, quality process, quality de- sign, quality trades, quality materials, quality appliances, quality finishes, quality after com- pletion attention. Why do Key Homes value quality so highly? “You see, quality is customer centric,” Anthony said. “Quality is what satisfies customer specifica- tions. Our customers are extremely pleased that we focus on quality. If they’re not happy, then the quality is not there.” A quality work standard is transparent - put simply, it’s defect free. Importantly, quality is measured by the price of non-quality. As the saying goes, ‘the bitter- ness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten’. Key Homes is locally owned, employs local people, uses and supports local trades and pro- fessionals, and sources local product. Its repu- tation is on the line every day and they want to continue to walk the local streets with their heads held high. As owners, Anthony and Kylie Key are ex- tremely protective of their family’s reputation and of their customers’ satisfaction and desire for quality. Between them, they are involved in every as- pect of the building process. “Your quality home begins with ideas, infor- mation and decision support from Paul Davies in our magnificent display home at Shannon Waters,” Anthony said. “The quality continues with our interior de- sign specialist, Paula Sexton. Colours, cladding, roofing, windows, kitchens, bathrooms are all chosen here, in our new showroom on the high- way in Bairnsdale. “Finally, the quality comes to life in the form of your new home, built by our Key Homes trained carpenters and trades.” So, when you’re considering building your new dream home, start by visiting Paul at the Key Homes display home at Shannon Waters and experience the Key Homes difference - where ‘Quality is Key’. When your considering building your new dream home, visit Key Homes’ new showroom on the highway in Bairnsdale.