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28 | HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 M510991 wswindows.com.au | 1Wood St, Bairnsdale info@wswindows.com.au Ph: 5152 6766 Technologically advanced window solutions Windows and doors can account for half of your home’s heat gain during summer and half of your heat loss during winter. Energy-efficient windows and doors can help maintain comfortable temperatures in your home year round, so choosing the correct en- ergy-efficient windows and doors can have a real effect on your power bills. Wood Street Windows’ range of premium aluminium windows and doors now includes a technologically advanced energy efficiency system. Featuring world-class technology, Signature Thermal Break provides superior energy effi- ciency performance without compromising the aesthetics. Thermal Breaks are designed to interrupt the transfer of energy through metal. By installing non-metallic ‘breaks’ in the aluminium frame- work of windows and doors, inner sections of a window or doorframe are thermally isolated from the outer side. This physical separation greatly impedes the conductivity of energy through the entire frame. Signature Thermal Break products have been engineered to the highest possible level with all ‘breaks’ in the aluminium frames made from high-quality reinforced polyamide extrusions while quality Santoprene external seals con- tribute to improved performance, further min- imising air infiltration or egression. They are designed to endure the harshest Australian con- ditions with minimal shrinking, cracking or shape distortion over the lifetime of the win- dow or door. Used in combination with the latest double-glazing solutions, including warm edge spacers, Signature Thermal Break also helps reduce unwanted condensation on windows and doors. The Signature Thermal Break range also insu- lates you from external noises, and the air gap found in double-glazing absorbing more sound energy compared to single glazed windows and doors. Acoustic layers within the glass can also be added to increase the acoustic effectiveness of Signature Thermal Break. While superb functionality is a cornerstone of all Wood Street Windows’ products, elegant de- sign is equally important. There is no compro- mise to the aesthetics and finish of the Signature Thermal Break series, every product designed to integrate with other Wood Street Windows’ products visually. This adaptability acknowledges unique user requirements, budgets, and the real-life challenges that touch every project. Wood Street Windows and Bradnam’s Windows and Doors are proud to have supplied premium aluminium windows and doors to the Hope Restart Centre in Bairnsdale.