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HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 | 29 % # $ " ! M510914 Solar energy is better for the future, better for our planet and better for your power bills. The team at A1 Solar and Electrical believes in solar because they believe in a healthy future for our children and the future of our planet. A bright family run solar and electrical instal- lation business in its infancy, A1 Solar and Elec- trical is committed to making a difference to the way you think about power. After 14 years in the electrical industry they believe you could be doing more to improve the future for your young families by utilising green energy and lowering emissions. “Not only is it better for the environment, it is more cost effective to the ever-increasing costs of living,” manager, Liz Cleary, said. Not only can A1 Solar and Electrical install solar, it can also help with any electrical needs you may have. If you are looking to go solar, need a sparky or just want some advice on lowering your power bills, A1 Solar is ready to help. Completely customer focused, Liz can help you navigate through the government’s Solar Rebate Scheme, simplifying the process. At A1 Solar and Electrical they want to max- imise individual usage and the region’s usage of green energy and lower our emissions. They are a premium provider of solar and elec- trical services in Gippsland. They pride themselves on providing prompt, reliable service, quality workmanship and prod- ucts that are manufactured to the highest of standards. They deliver professional experienced services in residential and commercial solar installa- tions, grid connect and hybrid inverters, bat- tery storage systems and stand alone/off grid solar installations. Professional, experienced services in domestic and commercial electrical work, new builds, switchboard upgrades and general electrical works are part of the A1 service. Contact A1 Solar and Electrical today to find out how you could improve your children’s fu- ture, the future of our planet, help your power bills and reduce the ever-growing costs of living all in one service. A1 Solar and Electrical believe solar is not only better for the environment, it is more cost effective to the ever-increasing costs of living.