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30 | HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 STACKED BASKET WEAVE WINDMI LL HERR INGBONE DI AGONAL STRETCHERBOND Transform your space through the unmistakable beauty of tile patterns. With so many patterns to choose – and so many ways to use them to your room’s best advantage – you’ll /nd the right pattern to create a look like no other. These tile pattern ideas could be just what you need to make a fresh statement. Tile P AT T E R N S P E R F E C T E D M510075 pattern for your project When planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation, make sure you carefully consider the tile pattern you use to layout the tiles. Finding the right tile pattern that best suits your style can make your space a unique one. Depending on the shape, size and pattern of your chosen tile, there is a myriad of patterns you can lay them in to achieve a finished surface with maximum impact or have them completely disappear from view. Depending which layout of the tiles you choose, you might gain an extra sense of space or make a unique statement. Choosing the right pattern can mean the difference between a bland renovation and a standout. Knowing how to lay your tiles is often key to tying your room together. Think outside the square with the use of traditional designs with modern colours or patterned tiles, starting with these classic tile patterns: Stacked: Stacked bond tiles have a con- temporary feel thanks to their strong ver- tical and horizontal lines. Tie a stacked bond with a contrasting grout colour to en- hance the effect of the lines for a truly con- temporary tile pattern. Herringbone: A herringbone pattern is achieved by laying tiles at right angles into zigzag formations or by a preformed mosaic. Basket weave: Basket weave and similar patterns that turn subway tiles into square units are effective for adding a sense of drama similar to a herringbone layout while avoiding the extra cutting of material. Diagonal: Diagonal is similar to the straight pattern except the tiles are laid on a 45-degree angle, turning square tiles into diamonds. This style can be used with a border as a feature in a kitchen splash back or for an entire floor to make a small room look bigger. It’s perfect for the bathroom. Windmill: Windmill is a classic pattern that uses a combination of rectangular brick tiles around a central square tile. It looks great with contrasting colours and is often supplied ready-made on mesh. Stretcherbond: Stretcherbond sees rows of tiles offset by exactly half the width of the next row. Easy to install, economical and flexible with little wastage, it can be done with square or rectangular tiles. Finding the right tile pattern that best suits your style can make your space a unique one. A brick layout can look especially stylish when paired with a contrasting grout color, such as black grout with white tile, emphasising the geometric pattern.