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4 | HOME & LIFESTYLE 2019 Making solar systems smarter East Gippsland Solar has been providing solar powered solu- tions to Gippslanders for more than 20 years. The award-winning team is pas- sionate about reducing the energy costs in your home or business, helping you make the most of our natural energy producer - the sun. Call in and have a chat with the East Gippsland Solar team to dis- cuss your domestic and commercial solar needs, including solar hot water systems, solar power sys- tems on and off grid, solar pool heating, Solatube sky lights, solar roof ventilators, camping solar panels, 12 and 24-volt solar prod- ucts, and more. East Gippsland Solar’s John Hulme said the team will also dis- cuss how to optimise your solar en- ergy usage for increased energy independence with the use of So- larEdge monitoring. SolarEdge monitoring provides a personalised and comprehensive analysis of your solar system’s per- formance, tracking and reporting on the performance of every panel, at all times, bringing you updates on your system’s performance any- time, anywhere. This allows you to adapt your electricity consumption, increase self-consumption and minimise electricity purchased from the grid. SolarEdge has one of the best smart phone apps for remote sys- tem monitoring. Access SolarEdge monitoring from your computer, tablet or smartphone to see how the system is performing, making it easier to diagnose and resolve issues promptly. Geoff Crane recently installed a SolarEdge system with online monitoring and said “it is doing a great job, above our expectations - we can monitor our self consump- tion and what we are putting back into the grid. It’s also good to sup- port a local company, who offer an important service and are great to deal with”. Award-winning technology achieves higher solar PV produc- tion than traditional systems. By using power optimisers, which are connected to each individual solar panel on your roof, and a SolarEdge inverter, the output of each panel is optimised. This design brings multiple bene- fits, including panel level, online monitoring and superior safety features. Unlike traditional invert- ers, where the weakest panel re- duces the performance of all panels, with SolarEdge each panel produces the maximum energy and power losses are eliminated. Keep this in mind as it is worth paying the additional cost for a rep- utable manufacturer, one that has been in business for an extended length of time and with long-term warranties available. “It’s important to do your re- search to not only ensure you get the best possible option to suit your needs but to also avoid being scammed,” John said. “There are a lot of unscrupulous providers out there, so it’s impor- tant to work with providers who have proven themselves over the long term. “We are a local business support- ing local businesses, committed to providing high standards of service and ensuring you get the best deal possible. “At East Gippsland Solar we sup- port this by providing face-to-face service and backup and site visits. “We have over 50 years of com- bined experience in the solar industry. “This enables us to meet our cus- tomers’ expectations without tak- ing shortcuts and supplying them with a superior solar system that is designed to meet their daily power output needs. The SolarEdge mon- itoring system is not just a system for today but to take you into the future and beyond. “We want all our customers to be satisfied knowing that their invest- ment will give them many long years of benefits, performance and savings.” To find out more, visit East Gipp- sland Solar in their showroom at 619 Princes Highway, opposite the Big Garage, Bairnsdale, during business hours, visit them online or follow them on Facebook. This image shows that solar energy covers winter usage in this home from 7.30am through until 4pm as well as exporting 17 kilowatts back onto the grid. SolarEdge monitoring provides a personalised and comprehensive analysis of your solar system’s performance, tracking and reporting on the performance of every panel, at all times. This image shows a home’s solar production, how many kilowatts the home is using and howmuch they are importing or export- ing back into the grid.